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History of The College of New Jersey, at Princeton. Vol. 1

ISBN13: 9781430301967
ISBN: 1430301961
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $28.98
Published Date:
Pages: 462

Excerpt from History of the College of New Jersey, Vol. 1: From Its Origin in 1746 to the Commencement of 1854

The plan of this work will be seen at once by a glance at the table of contents.

In his letter to the Trustees resigning the office of President, the writer mentioned that it was his purpose to devote a portion of his time to the collecting of materials for a history of the Col lege. Accordingly, the earlier portions of his manuscripts were labelled materials for a history. But, learning that his former colleagues, and also the friends of the College generally, looked to him to set in order and to publish, as well as to collect, the requisite facts for a history of the institution, he determined to do what he could in this direction; and the following volumes are the result.

This statement will account, in a measure, for whatever lack there may be of a proper grouping of the incidents given in the narratives of the different administrations.

Several important matters, which at the first he intended to introduce into this work, have been omitted, for the reason that they have already been given to the public, - viz sketches of the two literary societies of the College, and brief notices of the more distinguished graduates. The Histories of the Societies, by Professors Giger and Cameron, and the work of the Rev. Dr. Samuel D. Alexander, entitled 'i Princeton College during the Eighteenth Century, have happily relieved the writer from any obligation to attempt what these gentlemen have done so well and it is earnestly hoped that Dr. Alexander's work may be so enlarged as to include at least the graduates of the first half of the nineteenth century.