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Babylon Is Falling! Is Falling

ISBN13: 9781425995904
ISBN: 142599590X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $15.49
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published Date:
Pages: 304

Most of us today have reservations about the direction our country is taking. We are beginning to question the wisdom of our leaders, both in Congress and in the White House. Recent polls indicate that our President has a 30% approval rating (or less) while the ratings are even lower for the Congress. Most of us regret that our military ever entered Iraq, as we witness the mess we have made there and the missing back door for getting out. Meanwhile things are becoming more uncertain here at home as we see increasing fuel costs and declining home values. Inflation, which is scarcely ever mentioned by our politicians, is steadily eating away at our exposed underbelly. Our decayed infrastructure is crumbling while our tax dollars needed to repair it are being thrown away in the Middle East.Crime here at home is growing increasingly more violent, as is the entertainment we relish. Our national pastime has become unrestrained lust with the accompanying result of uncontrollable sexually transmitted diseases. The current presidential field has produced another round of guaranteed same old failed policies, with not a hope of correcting what is wrong with our country. The system is what is wrong. The Author asks, Why don't we try following the instruction manual for a change? The answers to our problems have been with us all along...but nobody would believe our Creator's words. Very soon now, everyone will be ready to listen as the winds of nuclear war are unleashed and global devastation overtakes us. The Author invites you to see the future that awaits us, as faithfully recorded in the Holy Scriptures. It is far different than most of us have been led to believe.