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The Million Dollar Putt (Million Dollar Series)

ISBN13: 9781424221059
ISBN: 1424221056
List Price: $18.46
Publisher: Fitzgerald Books
Published Date:
Pages: 169
Average Goodreads rating: 4.24/5

Blind golfing, anyone?& nbsp; Edward Bogard ??? Bogie for short ??? may be blind, but he can learn just about anything he sets his mind to: riding a bike, parasailing, playing guitar.& nbsp; Even though many things come easily to him, he stunned when& nbsp; he hits at a& nbsp; driving range and finds he has the swing of a pro.& nbsp; But blind golfing is a team sport, and Bogie needs a coach.& nbsp; Enter Birdie, the kooky and mysterious girl next door. A bit of a loner, Birdie creates elaborate worlds in miniature in her basement, and has managed to make it to age twelve without& nbsp; learning to ride& nbsp; a bike.& nbsp; Then someone anonymously enters Bogie in a golf tournament???with a million dollar prize.& nbsp; If he can team up with Birdie to conquer the greens of Hawai???i, could& nbsp; she be the unlikely key to victory? & nbsp; "Gutman has another winner here...younger YAs and reluctant readers will enjoy this suspenseful and often funny tale."-- KLIATT "[A]n excellent picture of a loving father-son relationship. Highly recommended.-- Children's Literature