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Innocent Liar

ISBN13: 9781419606328
ISBN: 1419606328
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $15.99
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 264

This fast action mystery begins in South Korea with Mary becoming involved in the black market and staring at a pistol as the hammer is drawn back. It continues with the violent rape of Charlene. Later Charlene and Mary become friends and Charlene is arrested on suspicion of murder just before she disappears. John Bodie, a polygraph examiner teams up with Fred Sortis-Ortega, the Police Chief of Vallejo to solve these strange happenings. Then John gets a call to help an old friend and a fraud suspect plots to kill John. It is an excellent education for the reader in the authentic use of polygraph as an investigative tool.