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The World's Greatest Books, Vol. 5

ISBN13: 9781419188862
ISBN: 1419188860
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $28.95
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC
Published Date:
Pages: 292
Average Goodreads rating: 3.42/5

Gray, Maxwell
Silence of Dean Maitland

Griffin, Gerald
The Collegians

Habberton, John
Helen's Babies

Halevy, Ludovic
Abbé Constantin

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
The Scarlet Letter
House of the Seven Gables

Hichens, Robert
The Garden of Allah

Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Elsie Venner

Hughes, Thomas
Tom Brown's Schooldays
Tom Brown at Oxford

Hugo, Victor
Les Misérables
Notre Dame de Paris
The Toilers of the Sea
The Man Who Laughs

Inchbald, Elizabeth
A Simple Story

James, G. P. R.
Henry Masterton

Johnson, Samuel

Jokai, Maurice
Timar's Two Worlds

Kernahan, Coulson
A Dead Man's Diary

Kingsley, Charles
Alton Locke
Hereward the Wake
Two Years Ago
Westward Ho!

Kingsley, Henry
Geoffry Hamlyn