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When I Was Young

ISBN13: 9781413756951
ISBN: 1413756956
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Published Date:
Pages: 56

Michael Broussard was born February 15, 1951, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He is multi-racial and multi-cultural, a true Louisiana Creole. Since growing up in Lake Charles, he has lived in Topeka (Forbes AFB), Papillion and Omaha, Nebraska (Offutt AFB), Merced and Atwater, California (Castle AFB), Denver and Aurora, Colorado, and Pahrump and Henderson, Nevada. He hasn't quite figured exactly where he wants to be, but has always loved Colorado. He started writing at an early age, and has written over 500 poems, maybe more. Most of the original poems were stolen and are assumed destroyed. He has been married three too many times. One of those times is when some poems were lost. He has three daughters, one stepdaughter, and two sons (a long story). At last count he has seven grandchildren. All of his writings come from the heart, from living in the world we're in, and though many are personal, they should be shared with the world. So, world, here we go!