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Citizenship Education (Sage Library of Educational Thought & Practice) (4 Volumes)

ISBN13: 9781412947114
ISBN: 1412947111
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $1050.0
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Published Date:
Pages: 1664

This 4 volume set brings together key articles from the political and educational literature, providing theoretical discussion and extracts from research reports in citizenship and citizenship education.

The first volume focuses on historical and philosophical material. Volume two examines the purposes of citizenship education, including arguments for particular aspects such as 'race', class, gender or broader matters such as justice and equality. The third volume describes and discusses particular forms of education that relate strongly and directly to citizenship education, e.g. global education, character education, political education, moral education, social education). Volume four focuses on material about socialisation, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

Throughout the 4 volumes key themes are highlighted:

-What is the nature of citizenship and citizenship education?

-Why is citizenship education promoted?

-Where does citizenship education occur?

-Who is citizenship education for and how does it affect learners and others?