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My Son... My Hero: The True Story of Michael James' Brave Fight Against Childhood Leukemia

ISBN13: 9781412047494
ISBN: 1412047498
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $19.99
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 186
Average Goodreads rating: 5.00/5 (1 ratings)

My Son, My Hero is the true account of 7 year old Michael James' brave battle with childhood cancer.
It follows the story through his father Kevin's eyes. Included are all of the highs and lows that are commonplace when battling cancer.
All facts are included, from the time of Michael's birth, to his first diagnosis at age 4, through his 2 year remission, then relapse and the road to bone marrow transplant. This book provides insight firsthand from the father who was with Michael constantly, is 100% true and is not embellished with any literary drama.
Also revealed are the positive actions of many people, and the mistakes and oversights of others. The book tries to bring the reader into the hospital rooms, where the reality of the unthinkable slowly becomes more and more real.
It is an emotional rollercoaster ride for the reader, and was a truly painful experience to create for the author and his wife. Michael was their only child born after 10 years of trying to conceive. He was valued and loved tremendously from the moment he arrived. Michael was a thoughtful and kind young man who touched and inspired everyone who knew him.
This book was never intended for the public. Kevin had 100 copies made to send to family, friends and supporters. Within weeks, Kevin was being urged by many to make the book available to all, as it was seen by many to be helpful to others. After months of thought, the parents were finally persuaded to publish.
Some of the Proceeds from this book will be donated to childhood cancer support organizations, as they were so kind and helpful to Michael and his family during their darkest times.
This is a very personal book that we hope will help the reader to see the things in life that are the most important.
Kevin Smith
For more information, please visit mysonmyhero. org.