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The Prioresses Tale, Sire Thopas, the Monkes Tale, the Clerkes Tale, the Squires Tale - From the Canterbury Tales

ISBN13: 9781408631645
ISBN: 1408631644
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $31.45
Publisher: Loman Press
Published Date:
Pages: 412
Average Goodreads rating: 3.00/5

CHAUCER -- THE PRIORESSES TALE, SIRE THOPAS, THE MONKES TALE, THE CLERKES TALE THE SQUIERES TALE FROM THE CANTERBURY - I874 - CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION . . . . . . IdlST OF CHAUCERWS ORKS . . . GROUP B . THE M AN-OF-LAWH EAD-LINIC, , THE MAN OF LAWS PROLOGUE I THE S HIPMANSP ROLOGUE . V THE S HIPMANE ND-LINK . ., , THE P RIORESSES T ALE . ., , THE P RIORESSE ND-LINK .,, THE RIME OF SIR THOIAS . . SIR THOPA E S N D-LINK . ., , THE MONKS PROLOGUE, , , THE MONKES TALE . . ., , THE NOKNE PRESTES PROLOGUE GROUP E. THE CLERKS PROLOGUE . ., , THE C LERICES T ALE . . . v, CLERK-MERCHANLTIN K . ., , THE S QUIRESP ROLOGU . E . GROUP F . THE S QUIERES T ALE . ., , THE SQUIRE END-LINK . . Notes to Group B . . . . . . Notes to Group E . . . . . Notes to Group F . . . Glossarial Index . . . . G Index of Proper Nan es . . . . Index of Subjects Explained in the Notes . PAGE, vii . lxxix I N T R O D U C T I O N . FOR an account of Chaucers life, I must beg leave to refer the reader to the edition of Chaucers Prologue, Knightes Tale, C., by Dr. Morris, in the Clarendon Press Series a volume to which I have frequently had occasion to refer in the Notes and Glossary. But it is worth while to remark that Mr. Furnivall, by diligent searching amongst old records, has lately succeeded in finding out some new facts concerning Chaucer, which have been published from time to time in The Athenzum, and since collected and published in his Originals and Analogues of some of Chaucers Canterbury Tales, published for the Chaucer Society, and dated in advance I 875. We hence learn that the poet was the son of John Chaucer, Vintner, of Thames Street, London, and Agnes, his wife. Also, that John Chaucer had a half-brother, named Thomas Heroun or Heyroun, both being born of the same mother, named hlaria, who must have been married to one of the Heroun family first, and then to Robert, John Chaucers father. The will of Thomas Heyroun is dated April 7th, 1349, his executor being his half-brother John Chaucer, the poets father. After Roberts death, Maria married a Richnrd Chaucer, Vintner, who in his will, dated Easter-day April 12th 1349, names Maria his wife, and Thomas Heyroun her son. Richard Chaucer and Thomas Heyroun must have died nearly at the same time, carried off probably by the memorable plague of 1349. Chaucers mother, Agnes, had an uncle named Hamo de Copton, a nloneyer. The most interesting entries relating to the above matters are I that in which occur the words me Galfridum Chaucer, filium Johannis Chaucer, Vinetarii, Londonie City Hustings Roll, I 10, 5 Ric. 11, dated June 19, 1380, whereby the poet releases, to Henry Herbury, all his right to his fathers house in Thames Street and 2 that in which occur the words ego Johannes Chaucer, Ciuis et Vinetarius Ciuitatis Londonie, Agnes Vxor mea, consanguinea Heres Hamonis de Copton quondam Ciuis Monetarii Civitatis yredicte Hustings Roll, 93, dated January 16, 1366, being a conveyance by John Chaucer and Agnes his wife, of a part of her land inherited from her uncle Hamo de Copton, moneyer l. From the Clerk-of-the-Works Accounts and the Foreign Accounts we learn that Chaucer was Clerk of the Works at St. GeorgeS Chapel, Windsor, on July 12, 1390, and was succeeded in the appointment by John Gedney, on July 8, 1391. Whilst holding this appointment, viz...