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Journals Of Ralph Waldo Emerson, With Annotations - 1836-1838

ISBN13: 9781408607312
ISBN: 140860731X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $33.45
Publisher: Mill Press
Published Date:
Pages: 520
Average Goodreads rating: 3.00/5

JOURNALS OF RALPH WALDO EMERSON WITH ANNOTATIONS EDITED BY EDWARD WALDO EMERSON AND WALDO EMERSON FORBES -- CONTENTS JOURNAL XXVII 1836 -- From Journal B Miss Martineau law of hospitality. Truth. Spartan. Profanation. Charles W. Upham. Quoted verses. Swedenborg. The scholars lot facts his treasure. Cudworth. The poet must have faith. Piickler-Muskau on English dandy. Eve has no clock. Authors pay. Sentences of Confucius. Alcotts journals. Idealism books, worship, friends, Nature as aids. Riddle of individuals. Talk with Charles on motives. Coming Revival. Trust and act the God in you. Quotations from Goethe. Man a coal in the fire. Tasks. The reflective poet. Each mans questions. Man is curbed. God finds joys for bar-keepers. Godliness. All is in Each. The problem of three bodies. Devils- needle day. Truth heals. Weigh books. Miracle. The brave speaker wins. Greek Drama Chorus. Notes on Idealism. A Day, a child their significance. Ideas. Goethe quoted. Edwards superiority. Look for symbols and learn. Do not waste time on woes. Goethe Times verdict on him. Religion must come through the heart. Fragrant piety. Stand for the ideal, respect matter. Man the analogist. Unsafe advan- tages. Expression imitative writing unsound. Nature prompts worship. Self-control. Wisdom manifold Duty. Express the life of your day. Charless death his life, thought, and letters . . . . . . 3-50 Helpers in life your Parnassus. The One Mind the generic soul. A friends conscience. Talk of persons elegance ofimpersonality in science and ethics. Theism. Wordsworth. Natural education. The odd is tran- sient. Landor. Scholars should be happy and brave. God the servant. The carpenter. Use Natures help. Parable, theurn and fountain. House painters. The humanity of science study humanly. Mind is one. Alcotts writing. Communion with God consoles. Faces. Mind has room for books. Your duty, or others Estate untaxed. Man creates his world. William Emerson. Uneasiness in society. Writers do not go to Nature her lesson of power. Bereavement. Alcotts school. Poetry in humblest facts. One in All. Alcotts thought, his limitations. Pan. Divine seed. Understanding and Reason. Alcotts school conversa- tions. Problem of Nature. Boccaccio. Flaxmans Dante. Friendships. Your own Bible. Man. Secrets. The minds walls. Personal impression. Margaret Fullers visit. Fathers. The moon. Womens minds. Pbilisterei. Proof-sheets of Nature sentences selling thought. The great poets humble. Commencement Day. Harvards Jubilee ghosts and boys. Progress. Suum Cuigue. The Symposium feminine genius, art proper to the age return to Nature. Position. American thought its obstacles, property and imita- tion of Europe. Reasons hours few. Science and Literature, the old and new European writers new questions democracy. Religion changes the demoni- acal force virtue no concealment conscience. Judg- ment the ancient sculpture. Want and Have. Beauty in common life classification. AI1 in Each the worlds will. Curiosity as to other faiths. Art and Architec- ture Reason makes them. Marriage, its gradual un- folding. Problem of hospitality. Universal laws. Po- litical Economy sure taxes. Arts in America pause an Age of reflection. Judgment Days obstacles. Harmony of the world. Moral sentiment must act Goodness smiles. Gruff village manners have their use Common sense against doctrinaires or dreamers. Soul in science . . . . . . . . . f 1-1 I 3Symposium at Alcotts. Transcendentalism defined. Preaching at Waltham the hearers. The mind seeks unity Goethe Newton Lamarck, monad to man. Poet and savant. Goose Pond. Plan of lectures unity. Self-trust. In teaching omit tradition go to the Most High. The gifts of man. The God in man individual and universal myriad-handed Nature. Time...