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JSA: Mixed Signals

ISBN13: 9781401209674
ISBN: 140120967X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.99
Publisher: DC Comics
Published Date:
Pages: 144
Average Goodreads rating: 3.60/5 (248 ratings)

JSA ally Air Wave receives a mass of maydays from the far reaches of the galaxy. With the aid of two Green Lanterns, his investigation reveals that an intergalactic war has begun. Who will be drafted to help stop it?

Meanwhile, recent events have left all of the magic-based heroes vulnerable, and the ancient magician Mordru plans to take full advantage of the situation. The battle that ensues has lasting effects on JSA members Dr. Fate and Jakeem Thunder.

Also, the fate of Atom Smasher is decided, the OMACs attack... and Stargirl has a very bad day. Guest stars include Green Lantern-Hal Jordan, Donna Troy, Shazam and Golden Age legend Liberty Belle.

Collecting: JSA 76-81