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The Gospels Come to Life

ISBN13: 9780972553810
ISBN: 0972553819
List Price: $29.95
Publisher: Gospels Come to Life
Published Date:

Narrated by Michael W. Smith, The Gospels Come to Life includes over 9 hours of listening pleasure We are all encouraged to live like Jesus, but we often can't find the time to read and study the Word of God. Through The Gospels Come to Life you can listen over and over to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each time you listen you can learn more from the parables and examples of how Jesus wants us to lead our lives, and how he wants us to treat each other. Imagine being able to listen to the World of God while in your car, in a plane, doing housework, etc. You can listen anywhere there is a CD player Many will enjoy The Gospels Come to Life. Narration and musical accompaniment for The Gospels Come to Life created and performed by Michael W. Smith.