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The Foot Soldiers (Volume II)

ISBN13: 9780970936011
ISBN: 097093601X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.95
Publisher: AiT/PlanetLar
Published Date:
Pages: 156
Average Goodreads rating: 4.33/5 (6 ratings)

The next five chapters of Jim Krueger's cult-classic series area collected here for the very first time, all under a brand-new cover, created specifically for this volume by Bill Sienkiewicz In a future oppressed by a police force that keeps a law that no one can possibly live under, a new hope was unearthed in THE FOOTSOLDIERS VOLUME ONE, where three boys were chosen by a mysterious old man to exhume a forgotten legacy buried in the Graveyard of Forgotten Heroes... but did the rebirth of heroes bring about the birth of villains? Featuring brand-new appendices to each chapter written by Jim Krueger, as well as a brand-new six-page story written by Krueger, penciled by GREEN ARROW artist Phil Hester, and inked by industry legend Bill Sienkiewicz for this very collection Plus, never-before-seen Hester art and stories. Cover by Alex Ross