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Complete Systems Analysis: The Workbook, the Textbook, the Answers

ISBN13: 9780932633507
ISBN: 0932633501
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $57.95
Publisher: Dorset House
Published Date:
Edition 2nd
Pages: 624
Average Goodreads rating: 3.71/5 (7 ratings)

Partial ContentsSection 1 The Project1.1 Your Project Starts Here1.2 Start with the Context1.3 What About the Business Data?1.4 The Piccadilly Organization1.5 Building the Data Dictionary1.6 Selling the Airtime1.7 Strategy: Focusing on the Essentials1.8 Identifying Events1.9 Modeling an Event Response1.10 Refining an Event Response1.11 Writing Mini Specifications1.12 Another Event Response1.13 More Events1.14 Some New Requirements1.15 CRUD Check1.16 Strategy: Toward Implementation1.17 Piccadilly's New Environment1.18 Analysis StrategySection 2 The Textbook2.1 Analysis Models2.2 Data Flow Diagrams2.3 A Variety of Viewpoints2.4 Data Viewpoint2.5 Data Models2.6 More on Data Flow Diagrams2.7 Leveled Data Flow Diagrams2.8 Current Physical Viewpoint2.9 Data Dictionary2.10 Essential Viewpoint2.11 Event-Response Models2.12 Mini Specifications2.13 Modeling New Requirements2.14 New Physical Viewpoint2.15 Object-Oriented ViewpointSection 3 Project ReviewsDetailed reviews of each project chapter in Section 1.Section 4 Textbook SolutionsDetailed answers to the problems at the end of each chapter in Section 2.BibliographyGlossaryIndexTrail Guide