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The Blue Hotel (Tale Blazers)

ISBN13: 9780895986887
ISBN: 0895986884
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $3.35
Publisher: Perfection Learning
Published Date:
Pages: 75
Average Goodreads rating: 3.57/5 (9 ratings)

Short story by Stephen Crane, published serially in Collier's Weekly (Nov. 26-Dec. 3, 1898), and then in the collection The Monster and Other Stories (1899). Combining symbolic imagery with naturalistic detail, it is an existential tale about human vanities and delusions. As the story opens, three visitors find shelter from a blizzard at Pat Scully's hotel in Fort Romper, Neb.: a nervous New Yorker known as the Swede, a rambunctious Westerner named Bill, and a reserved Easterner called Mr. Blanc. The Swede becomes increasingly drunk, defensive, and reckless. He beats Scully's son, Johnnie, in a fight after accusing him of cheating at cards. When the Swede accosts a patron of a bar, he is stabbed and killed. The story ends ambiguously at a point several months later, when timid Mr. Blanc confesses to Bill that he feels somewhat responsible for the Swede's death because he failed to act when he saw that Johnnie was indeed cheating at cards