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Managing the Environmental Union: Intergovernmental Relations and Environment Policy in Canada (Institute of Intergovernmental Relations)

ISBN13: 9780889118379
ISBN: 088911837X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $29.95
Publisher: School of Policy Studies Queen's University
Published Date:
Pages: 227

The authors offer insights into the consequences of these patterns for both environmental protection as well as for the broader sweep of intergovernmental relations. They compare Canada to the United States and to other federations, notably Germany and Australia. Managing the Environmental Union offers a detailed account of how, and to a certain extent why, governments interact in the ways that they do, demonstrating the merits of moving beyond a simple dichotomy of conflict or cooperation when describing intergovernmental relations. Contributors include Patrick Fafard, Kathryn Harrison, Debora L. Van Nijnatten (Windsor), Steven A. Kennett (Calgary), Alastair R. Lucas (Calgary), Cheryl Sharvit (lawyer), an Kernaghan Webb (Carleton).