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The Aeneid of Virgil (Bantam Classics)

ISBN13: 9780881030693
ISBN: 0881030694
List Price: $15.95
Publisher: San Val
Published Date:
Pages: 401
Average Goodreads rating: 3.84/5 (23 ratings)

Aeneas flees the ashes of Troy to found the city of Rome and change forever the course of the Western world--as literature as well. Virgil's Aeneid is as eternal as Rome itself, a sweeping epic of arms and heroism--the searching portrait of a man caught between love and duty, human feeling and the force of fate--that has influenced writers for over 2,000 years. Filled with drama, passion, and the universal pathos that only a masterpiece can express. The Aeneid is a book for all the time and all people.