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Futures At Stake: Youth, Gambling, And Society (Gambling Studies Series)

ISBN13: 9780874173680
ISBN: 087417368X
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $39.95
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
Published Date:
Pages: 344

The widespread legalization of gambling across the U.S. has produced concerns for serious social, economic, and health problems. For the first time in this country, an entire generation of young people has reached adulthood within a context of approval and endorsement of gambling as a source of entertainment and recreation. Compared with their adult counterparts, these young people have evidenced a higher level of gambling-related problems. In "Futures at Stake, specialists in psychology, medicine, law, public health, economics, casino management, psychiatry, and criminal justice examine this problem from the perspective of their various disciplines, producing an intelligent, thought-provoking, and valuable survey of what is fast becoming a leading social-health problem across the nation. The chapters range from discussions of the pathology and treatment of gambling addictions, the legal ramifications of youth gambling, and the social and economic impacts of this problem to the efforts of the casino industry to limit access and appeal to juveniles, future prospects of youth gambling, and possible ways to control the problem. "Futures at Stake is important reading for health care professionals, educators, social workers, and casino-industry managers.