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Honey, Who Shrunk Our Money?: Preserving Your Purchase Power

ISBN13: 9780852976609
ISBN: 0852976607
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $25.0
Publisher: Global Professional Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 256

There is an investment crisis and, as a result, wage growth and yields are not keeping up with rising prices.

But crisis brings opportunity. It is possible to protect savings and even profit handsomely by following a new investment paradigm-one that seeks to profit from the global trends that are already in place and will continue for the next decade.

Its assumptions are based on the fact that government fiscal and economic policy will squeeze the middle class and that inflation, at some level,
will be a fact of life for years to come.

Honey, Who Shrunk Our Money? explains how inflation works; how to use what is called easy money, e.g. cash readily available at low interest rates; how to recognize investments that benefit from inflation (oil, health care); and how to use a variety of instruments to invest, not just stock and bonds.