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The Man in the Queue

ISBN13: 9780837604503
ISBN: 0837604508
List Price: $16.0
Publisher: Bentley Publishers
Published Date:
Pages: 213
Average Goodreads rating: 3.79/5 (9 ratings)

A long line had formed for the standing-room-only section of the Woffington Theatre. Didn't You Know?, London's favorite musical comedy for the past two years, was finishing its run. The line began to move, but one man, his head sunk down upon his chest, slowly sank to his knees and keeled over. A spectator moved to help, but recoiled in horror: The man in the queue had a small silver dagger neatly plunged into his back. So begins Inspector Alan Grant's first case, and it's up to the dapper detective to discover how a murder was committed among so many witnesses . . .