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The Bill of Rights and Other Amendments (World Almanac Library of American Government)

ISBN13: 9780836854756
ISBN: 0836854756
List Price: $31.0
Publisher: World Almanac Library
Published Date:
Pages: 48
Average Goodreads rating: 3.00/5 (1 ratings)

In a clear and lively format, the World Almanac Library of American Government presents the key facts and concepts students need to understand how their government works, to make the United States the most powerful and stable nation in the world. These new titles focus on the fundamental documents that provide a framework for all government activity--the Constitution and its amendments--on the important roles of Federal agencies, and on the informal but powerful influence of lobbyists, the media, and political parties. Case studies, primary source documents, biographical sketches, easy-to-understand graphs and charts, and vivid full-color photos all bring the subject to life. And sources of further information, both in print and online, provide extended learning opportunities.