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High Times and Hard Times: Sketches and Tales by George Washington Harris

ISBN13: 9780826511034
ISBN: 0826511031
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $49.95
Publisher: Vanderbilt Univ Pr
Published Date:
Pages: 358

George Washington Harris possessed an especially keen eye for local color, a brilliant command of American folk speech, and a flamboyant sense of humor. This East Tennessee dirt farmer and would-be politician combined these special talents to become perhaps the "major" minor American humorist of the early ninteenth century and a literary innovator with lasting impact far geyond the popularity and quality of his writings. His early sketches and tles, written in the 1840s, show an experimentation with the elements of his craft which he was to refine in time for the creation of Sut Lovingood--Harris's low-born, rowdy, dead-honest, and often insulting comic fictional hero. With his "Sut" pieces, Harris perfected the device of permitting a fictional character to tell a story entirely from his point of view and in his own vernacular--a technique that lay unused after Harris until wholeheartedly revived by Mark Twain years later in his Huck Finn adventures.