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Babba and I Went Hunting Today

ISBN13: 9780825420375
ISBN: 0825420377
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $13.99
Publisher: Kregel Kidzone
Published Date:
Pages: 32
Average Goodreads rating: 3.33/5 (3 ratings)

A beautifully fun yet poignant book from an up-and-coming author. My Babba is funny, she dances and sings, She loves noisy jewelry and wears lots of rings. But not all days are good days. You see, this child's Babba has cancer and she's losing her hair. This book follows Babba and her grandchild as they play delighting in the magic of a special day together. They hunt imaginary tigers in the park. They stand like pirates on a hill. This is a book about truly living, remembering and celebrating a God who's bigger than anything we know. He's bigger than sunsets, He's bigger than air, He's bigger than cancer that took Babba's hair. He understands sadness and knows about fear. Breathe in my sweet Honey, our God is right here.This book of hope and joy is born out of the personal pain of the authorAuthor has worked as a playwright for Walt Disney World, Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Lines, and a host of other well-known clients