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Stories To Comfort The Soul (Guideposts for the Spirit)

ISBN13: 9780824947378
ISBN: 0824947371
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $9.99
Publisher: GuidepostsBooks
Published Date:
Pages: 272
Average Goodreads rating: 3.71/5 (5 ratings)

Collected in this volume are over sixty heartwarming stories about hope and comfort. These are stories of people who have faced adversity and who have often been surprised by the hope that can spring, sometimes unexpectedly, from even the darkest of situations. The stories are often warm and inspiring, sometimes humorous or sad, but always about love, peace, faith and hope. The majority of the stories are drawn from the archives of Guideposts magazine, long known for its moving, first-person stories. Also included are writings from Annette Funicello, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Reeve, Corrie Ten Boom and other amazing people. These testimonies will encourage and inspire the reader in their own life's journey.