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Television and Women's Culture: The Politics of the Popular (Communication and Human Values series)
ISBN13: 9780803982291
ISBN: 0803982291
List Price: $54.0
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd

The role of television in the creation and reproduction of popular culture in a mass society has been widely recognised. Increasingly attention is being drawn to the interaction between the mass culture as mediated through television, and the popular culture of groups within that mass society by class, race or gender.In this book an international team of contributors examines critically the relationship between television and women's culture. Although they recognize that television frequently distorts and oppresses women's experience, the authors avoid a simplistic manipulative view of the media. Instead they show how and why such different genres as game shows, police fiction and soap opera offer women opportunities for negotiation of their own meanings and their own aesthetic appreciation.As a substantial contribution to both women's studies and the study of mass communication this book will be welcomed by lecturers and students of popular culture, cultural studies, women's studies and mass communication.Not for sale in Australia or New Zealand.