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Guide (Cooper, Dennis)

ISBN13: 9780802135803
ISBN: 0802135803
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $12.0
Publisher: Grove Press
Published Date:
Edition 1st Pbk. Ed
Pages: 192
Average Goodreads rating: 4.03/5 (624 ratings)

Chris is a young porn star who wants to experience death at someone else's hand; Mason has lurid fantasies about members of British pop bands; Sniffles is a teenage runaway whose need for love outweighs his attachment to life. Courtesy of a frankly manipulative author/narrator named Dennis, these characters and more move through a subterranean Los Angeles where hallucination and reality, sex and suicide, love and indifference run together in terrifying ways. Guide, the fourth novel in a projected five-book cycle, continues to explore the boundaries of experience in the manner that has earned Dennis Cooper comparisons to Poe, Genet, and Baudelaire.