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Nightcrawlers (Nameless Detective Mystery)

ISBN13: 9780792734987
ISBN: 079273498X
List Price: $64.95
Publisher: Sound Library
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.70/5

Things were quiet in Nameless' San Francisco agency, and his partner, Tamara, was itching to get back to work. A deadbeat father needed to be found, and Tamara needed to do some fieldwork, so she took off for his last known address.

When Tamara goes missing, Nameless feels a sinking in his gut: A few years ago he had been kidnapped and left to die in a cabin in the woods, and something about Tamara's disappearance echoes too loudly. When he discovers the house she had investigated and sees the words taking us to a house in the wood scrawled on a wall, the echo becomes thunderous. Now it's a race against time, and Nameless is already late.