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Dust and Molecules in Evolved Stars

ISBN13: 9780792350095
ISBN: 079235009X
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $219.0
Publisher: Springer
Published Date:
Edition 1
Pages: 412

Dust and molecules are found in a large variety of astrophysical environments, in particular in the circumstellar material ejected by evolved stars. This book brings together the leading astronomers and astrophysicists in the field of molecular astrophysics and stellar physics to discuss the important issues of dust and molecular formation, the role of solids in circumstellar environments, molecules as probes of circumstellar parameters, the stellar contribution to the enrichment of the Galaxy, and the latest observational data in various wavelength domains, in partiular in the infrared with results from the Infrared Space Observatory. The astrophysical senarios include late-type stars, novae, Wolf-Rayet stars, Luminous Blue Variables and supernovae. Audience: Researchers and graduate students in the fields of stellar physics, stellar evolution and astrochemistry.