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Over the Wall

ISBN13: 9780788745706
ISBN: 0788745700
List Price: $48.0
Publisher: Recorded Books
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.83/5

Tyler's temper is out of control. If he isn't careful, he'll blow his chances of making the All-Star team and being noticed by a scout. But Tyler's coach, a Vietnam War veteran, has seen anger destroy enough people. He knows that if Tyler is ever going to fulfill his dreams, he'll have to learn to fight his battles with his glove, his bat, and his love for the game. Not with his fists. But it all comes down to Tyler. Does he care enough about his future to work through the past?

"A grand slam." (The ALAN Review)

"An ambitious mark that predents a compelling, multilayered story." (School Library Journal)