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Managing Diversity in the Military: Research Perspectives from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

ISBN13: 9780765800466
ISBN: 0765800462
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $59.95
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
Published Date:
Pages: 557

Although diversity is a twentieth-century term, as the United States continues through the twenty-first century, the issue of diversity in society and in organizations is becoming more complex. Managing Diversity in the Military addresses current equal opportunity and diversity issues and explores how the military is attempting to resolve them.

The research presented reflects interests of scholars from various backgrounds who use different models, approaches, and methodologies, many of which are adapted from the study of civilian institutions. The work is divided into five sections -Contemporary Approaches to Managing Diversity, - -Diversifying Leadership: Equity in Evaluation and Promotion, - -Gender Integration and Sexual Harassment, - -Military Discipline and Race, - and -Where Do We Go from Here?- which proposes future research directions for equal opportunity and diversity management in the armed forces.

All of the areas explored in this accessibly written volume have counterparts in the civilian sector. The book offers insights, practical methodologies, and effective management guidelines for commanders, civilian-sector executives, and human resource practitioners responsible for equal opportunity programs and outcomes. This is now the standard social research tool in an area of profound practical concerns.