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The Hair Replacement Revolution: A Consumer's Guide to Effective Hair Replacement Techniques

ISBN13: 9780757000041
ISBN: 0757000045
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: Square One Publishers
Published Date:
Pages: 248
Average Goodreads rating: 3.00/5 (1 ratings)

There is no cure for hair loss just yet. A number of amazing options are available, though, including high-tech surgical techniques, revolutionary drugs, and cosmetic hair additions that are more natural-looking than ever before. For anyone experiencing hair loss, the problem is seeing through the hype of ads and finding the technique or product that really works.

Hair replacement experts Drs. James Harris and Emanuel Marritt have written The Hair Replacement Revolution to deliver accurate, honest information on all aspects of hair loss, from its physical causes and psychological ramifications, to its many legitimate and not-so-legitimate treatment options. You'll discover both the benefits and the limitations of the available pharmaceutical, surgical, and cosmetic advancements; and learn how to find ethical, capable hair restoration professionals. Most important, The Hair Replacement Revolution will help you choose the option that's right for you.