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The New Economics of Sustainable Development: A Briefing for Policy-Makers (European Commission Forward Studies Series)

ISBN13: 9780749430931
ISBN: 0749430931
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $25.0
Publisher: Kogan Page
Published Date:
Pages: 112

The series is written for the European Commission by international subject experts chiefly located at the Commission's Forward Studies Unit. Titles within the series reflect a European view of the changing world order of today and will be of particular interest to students, scholars and professionals active in European Studies and International Relations.An explanation of just what is meant by the new economics, its connection with sustainable development and its key policy implications. James Robertson discusses taxation and public expenditure policies, considers changes in the monetary and financial systems and looks at the new ways of measuring and accounting for economic activity, including in his commentary such new concepts as the citizen's income and demand reduction policies.