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Blott on the Landscape

ISBN13: 9780745142036
ISBN: 0745142036
List Price: $69.95
Publisher: Chivers Audio Books
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.90/5

In Blott on the Landscape, the landscape is flawless until Sir Giles, man of few principles and curious tastes, plots to build a highway smack through it. Sir Giles recruits to his side Hoskins, a corrupt local official; Lord Leakham, the environmental equivalent of a hanging judge; and Dundridge, a troublesome bureaucrat with an unhealthy passion for order. Pitted against this powerful lobby are a mere handful of local residents led by his wife. Sharpe spells out in riotous detail how the forces of virtue play an exceedingly dirty game when the issue is close to home. The reissue of this explosively comic novel will gladden the heart of everyone who has ever confronted a bureaucrat.