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Immigration the World Over: Statutes, Policies, and Practices

ISBN13: 9780742518773
ISBN: 0742518779
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $107.0
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Published Date:
Pages: 304
Average Goodreads rating: 2.50/5

With the opening of borders and the aging of populations in industrialized states immigration takes on new importance. More younger workers are needed to support the social contract established with the baby boom generation, and immigration offers one practical solution. Many countries, however, have little experience with large scale immigration and, especially in the current political and economic climate, a strong resistance to it. Immigration the World Over examines immigration statutes and policies and the societal reactions to immigrants in seven industrialized nations. Comparing the experiences of these nations demonstrates how policies differ and how those policies have facilitated or complicated the accommodation of immigrant populations. Using public opinion data, crime rates, and measures of social integration, the authors go on to show how some countries absorb immigrants to positive effect by addressing worker shortages and enhancing social diversity, while others resist immigration to their detriment.