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The Darkest Evening of the Year (Dean Koontz)

ISBN13: 9780739327425
ISBN: 0739327429
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $27.0
Publisher: Random House Large Print
Published Date:
Pages: 496
Average Goodreads rating: 3.74/5 (15 ratings)

Amy Redwing has dedicated her life to the southern California organisation she founded to rescue abandoned and endangered golden retrievers. Among dog lovers, she's a legend. Among her friends, Amy heedless devotion is often cause for concern.

No one is surprised when Amy risks her life to save Nickie, nor when she takes the female golden into her home. The bond between Amy and Nickie is immediate and uncanny. Even her two other goldens, Fred and Ethel, recognise Nickie as special, a natural alpha. But the instant joy Nickie brings is shadowed by a series of eerie incidents. An ominous stranger. A mysterious home invasion.

And the unmistakable sense that someone is watching Amy's every move. Someone who has come back to turn Amy into the desperate, hunted creature she's always been there to save. From its breathtaking opening scene to its shocking climax, The Darkest Evening of the Year is Dean Koontz at his finest, a transcendent thriller certain to have readers captivated until dawn.