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Finding God's Path Through Your Trials: His Help for Every Difficulty You Face

ISBN13: 9780736913744
ISBN: 0736913742
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $13.99
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Published Date:
Pages: 272
Average Goodreads rating: 4.37/5 (72 ratings)

From bestselling author Elizabeth George (nearly 4 million books sold) comes a book born of her desire to help others through difficult times. Finding God's Path Through Your Trials acknowledges the hard times we all face and reveals how people can "count it all joy," including:

understanding trials are not punishment
realizing God's grace is sufficient to get them through trials
knowing the benefits brought by trials—patience, endurance, empathy
experiencing deeper faith as they depend on God through trials
trusting God to use everything for His glory
Emphasizing God is always with them and will help them every step of the way, Elizabeth reminds readers they will not be given trials they cannot bear without including a way of escape. She encourages people to turn to Jesus, where they will find hope, joy, and meaning in the journey, no matter how bumpy it seems.