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Isle of Dogs (Andy Brazil)

ISBN13: 9780736682725
ISBN: 0736682724
List Price: $96.0
Publisher: Books on Tape
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.13/5 (3 ratings)

Millions love Patricia Cornwell's mysteries starring chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, but in this engaging and wryly comic look at life behind the scenes of a police department, Cornwell proves she can do without her. The Governor of Virginia has ordered that speed traps be painted on all roads, and that speeders are to be detected by low-flying aircraft. An island off the coast of Virginia, the nonconformist Isle of Tangier, decides that it cannot abide by this decree, and revolts against the government in Richmond, cementing its act of defiance by kidnapping a dentist. Police superintendent Judy Hammer and her right-hand man, Andy Brazil, must surmount some mysteriously blocked channels of communication in the state government to untangle this, as well as some other sticky situations.