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E-Business Legal Handbook 2002

ISBN13: 9780735521889
ISBN: 0735521883
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $175.0
Publisher: Aspen Law & Business
Published Date:

Written by nationally recognized Internet law experts, E-Business Legal Handbook provides specific guidance on how to manage risk and avoid liability in the full range of e-business transactions. It brings you fully up-to-date on future implications of Proposed Article 2B of the Uniform Commercial Code, and spells out the preventive law and client planning strategies companies can take to avoid costly Internet-related lawsuits. You'll discover practical solutions for: Creating and establishing a corporate identity -- Selecting an appropriate domain name...protecting and establishing trademark
-- Going online -- Developing an Internet site...accessing the Internet via an Internet Service Provider... resolving legal and policy issues surrounding the firm's website
-- Entering into and enforcing contracts -- Identifying the parties...enforcing web wrap, web linking and web development agreements...limiting liability for damages and warranties...using digital signature technology
-- Collecting revenue/establishing payment systems -- Digital cash...encryption...establishing merchant account...setting up a virtual storefront
-- Establishing a marketing presence-Creating links to and from a corporate web page...drafting a disclaimer of endorsement of and liability for linked sites
-- Distributing products-Complying with UCC laws...Uniform Information Transfer Act and the Uniform Computer Information Act (UCITA) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)
-- Civil liability in cyberspace-Bases for a company's liability...avoiding cyberspace liability... defenses to tort action
-- Assuring Internet security -- Technical elements of Internet security...digitalsignatures...liability for negligence...contracts and disclaimers
-- Resolving cyberspace disputes-How to draft ADR clauses for cyberspace...how damages involving Internet disputes are computed
-- And more!