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Message in a Bottle

ISBN13: 9780718826550
ISBN: 0718826558
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $23.5
Publisher: Lutterworth Press
Published Date:
Pages: 128

Jane lives on the farm at Map's End but she is lonely. When Mr Eliot, her old companion and friend dies, a new family moves into his house. Jane resents them and all the changes they plan. She hardly dares think what will happen to her treasures in Mr Eliot's attic. she has forgotten his words to her before he died: 'Join in, dear Jane, join in.' Only when she tries to join in does she finds the very special message he has left her. This is a fine and sensitively written novel, for readers of 9-12, about loneliness and growing up, the gradual finding of new friends and new interests.