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Wales and Its Boxers: The Fighting Tradition

ISBN13: 9780708319154
ISBN: 0708319157
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $25.0
Publisher: University of Wales Press
Published Date:
Pages: 192
Average Goodreads rating: 4.50/5 (2 ratings)

Though few outside of its native borders associate the great Celtic nation of Wales with the gritty history of pugilism, Welsh fist-fighters have made their talent—and passion—for boxing unmistakable for centuries. Wales and Its Boxers traces this triumphant spirit through the lives of village heroes and national superstars such as “Peerless” Jim Driscoll and Freddie Welsh, commenting along the way on compelling cultural issues like masculinity, Welsh identity, and the changing face of the ringed spectacle. Here you’ll read the story of Jimmy Wilde, “The Mighty Atom,” who rose from a life in the Tylorstown coal pits to become – according to Ring magazine – the third greatest puncher of all time, as well as a Welsh legend. Moreover, you’ll discover why Wales currently has more registered boxers than any other region in Europe and how current boxing superstars like WBO champion Joe Calzaghe continue to fight under the banner of Welsh pride in this fascinating and peerless account of one nation’s love for sport and country.