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West of Dodge: Frontier Stories

ISBN13: 9780613144247
ISBN: 0613144244
List Price: $15.4
Publisher: San Val
Published Date:
Pages: 220
Average Goodreads rating: 3.79/5 (5 ratings)

West of Dodge captures the fierce passion, the bold dreams, the brutal realities of the men and women who sought their destinies across a uniquely American landscape. Here a young cowpuncher stakes a claim to his own piece of the West...a deal that can only be sealed with fists and a .44 Colt. A gunfighter, tired of violence, seeks a haven of peace and honest work...only to be pushed down a trail of bloody revenge. A reckless cow-country bank robber and a leather-tough Texas Ranger square off in a battle of wits and wills that can only end when one man lies in his grave. Here, too, in stories with a distinctive L'Amour twist, a quiet, unassuming farmer defends his honor in a blinding moment of pure panic and luck...only to find true courage on the run from the dead man's vengeful brothers. A misunderstood young drifter defends the honor of a lady...and finds himself the quarry of a relentless posse that wants to hang him high. An aging marshal who always used his head - and his reputation as a crack shot - to avoid trouble fears he may have to draw his gun for real when a stranger who knows his secret comes to town.