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Four Great Plays

ISBN13: 9780553212808
ISBN: 055321280X
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bantam Books
Published Date:
Edition 32nd Printing
Pages: 384
Average Goodreads rating: 3.93/5 (498 ratings)

Here, in a single volume, are four major plays by the first modern playwright, Henrik Ibsen. Ghosts - the startling portrayal of a family destroyed by disease and infidelity. The Wild Duck - A poignant drama of lost illusions. An Enemy Of The People - Ibsen's vigorous attack on public opinion. And A Doll's House - the play that scandalized the Victorian world with its unsparing views of love and marriage, featuring one of the most controversial heroines - and one of the most famous exits - in the literature of the stage.
,p>Although Ibsen outraged many of his contemporaries, he persisted: he shocked the unthinking into thinking and blasted through the thick fog of convention to the restless human passions hidden underneath. Today his plays remain masterpieces of psychological insight and theatrical power.