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Introduction to Online Product Development Research

ISBN13: 9780538726825
ISBN: 0538726822
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $49.95
Publisher: South-Western Educational Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 368

Internet research can be quick, easy, and abundant - but also challenging. Research sites sometimes come and go, and sources can be questionable. The Business Research Solutions Series provides comprehensive business and financial research reference guides and online training manuals to bridge a major gap in the field of online research methodology. This resourceful and innovative multi-volume series of reference guides teaches readers how to approach a research problem, how to select the best online sources, and how to effectively use these sources. It also suggests alternate low-cost solutions for many standard questions and problems. A must-have for professionals involved in company research, these invaluable tools provide step-by-step advice on how to analyze, interpret, and present data for informed decision-making. Introduction to Online Product Development Research spells out effective research techniques for new product development, including examples of real-world success stories. An excellent resource for anyone involved with new products, the book walks readers step by step through researching every stage of the NPD process, from idea generation and concept screening to launch and evaluation - and everything in between. Like all the titles in the Business Research Series, this book is conveniently divided into four sections containing a number of business research applications that can be used for both in-house research training and reference.