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Chaucer: The Wife of Bath's Prologue on CD-ROM (The Canterbury Tales on CD-ROM)

ISBN13: 9780521465939
ISBN: 0521465931
List Price: $383.0
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published Date:
Pages: 80
Average Goodreads rating: 3.60/5

The Wife of Bath's Prologue on CD-ROM is the initial release in The Canterbury Tales Project from Cambridge. The CD-ROM presents transcriptions, collations and digitized images of all fifty-eight pre-1500 manuscript and print versions of Geoffrey Chaucer's famous poem. It provides on a single disk the material that Chaucer scholars have until now had to travel around the world to view in different libraries. The software allows sophisticated searches of all the manuscripts of The Wife of Bath's Prologue simultaneously, giving scholars rapid access to a large archive of information of a kind never before realized. System Requirements: All CD products (with the exception of The Works of John Ruskin) run identically on PC Windows or Macintosh systems. We recommend the following equipment: PC: 386 or later; Windows 3.1+; 8 Mb of RAM; double-speed CD-ROM drive. Macintosh: System 7 or later; 4 Mb of RAM; double speed CD-ROM drive. The Works of John Ruskin runs only on a PC. We recommend the following specification: 80486-based PC; Windows 3.1+; 4 Mb of RAM (8 Mb preferred); SVGA color monitor; 10 Mb of free hard-disk space; double-speed CD-ROM drive. These products can be presented via a server, but because of technical limitations, it will not always be practical for more than one user at a time to be accessing the data.