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Mysteries of the Past: A Chapter Book (True Tales: Exploration and Discovery)

ISBN13: 9780516254517
ISBN: 0516254510
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $4.95
Publisher: Children's Press (CT)
Published Date:
Pages: 48
Average Goodreads rating: 4.50/5

National Science Education Standards, Grades K-4
Content Standard E: Science and Technology
- 2. Understanding about science and technology.
- a. People have always had questions about their world. Science is one way of answering questions and explaining the natural world.
- e. Tools help scientists make better observations, measurements, and equipment for investigations. These help scientists see, measure, and do things they could not otherwise see, measure, and do.
National Social Studies Education Standards, Grades K-4
Content Standard 2: Time, Continuity, & Change
- d. Identify and use various sources for reconstructing the past, such as documents, letters, diaries, maps, textbooks, photos and others.