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The Hellion Bride--Book on Tape Read By Juliet Mills, 2 Cassettes, 3 Hrs

ISBN13: 9780515109740
ISBN: 0515109746
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: The Publishing Mills
Published Date:
Edition 2nd printing
Pages: 378
Average Goodreads rating: 3.87/5 (3774 ratings)

Ryder Sherbrooke is a fun-loving rake with a secret. When he travels to Jamaica to solve the mystery of the supernatural goings-on at the Sherbrooke sugar plantation, he finds another mystery as well --- a sophisticated nineteen-year-old girl, Sophia Stanton-Greville, who wants to bed him. And not, he believes, because she is simply enthralled with his handsome self or his boundless charm.

Sophia has successfully controlled every man in her orbit until she meets Ryder Sherbrooke, a man she knows immediately is different from the others, a man she sees as one of hell's own sons. Ryder, confident as only a successful rake can be when it comes to knowing women, sets out to teach her who is in charge. It's said she already has three lovers. Is she indeed the outrageous tease she appears? A seductress? Or is she an innocent with an ugly and terrifying secret?