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A Philosophical Investigation

ISBN13: 9780385254564
ISBN: 0385254563
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Plume
Published Date:
Edition 4th
Average Goodreads rating: 3.54/5

A terrifyingly prescient cult classic by the author of the Berlin Noir trilogy.
LONDON, 2013. Serial killings have reached epidemic proportions – even with the widespread government use of DNA detection, brain-imaging, and the "punitive coma." Beautiful, whip-smart, and driven by demons of her own, Detective Isadora "Jake" Jacowicz must stop a murderer, code-named "Wittgenstein," who has taken it upon himself to eliminate any man who has tested posi­tive for a tendency towards violent behavior – even if his victim has never committed a crime.

Philip Kerr is winning more acclaim than ever for his beloved Bernie Gunther series and – with Kerr's higher profile – A Philosophical Investigation is poised to capture an all-new readership with its riveting tale of a killer whose intellectual brilliance is matched only by his homicidal madness.