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Teaching the Selected Works of Chris Crutcher (Young Adult Novels in the Classroom)

ISBN13: 9780325010328
ISBN: 0325010323
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $21.25
Publisher: Heinemann
Published Date:
Pages: 104
Average Goodreads rating: 3.80/5 (5 ratings)

I almost wish this book weren't about my work because it wouldn't seem quite so self-serving to tout it for its amazing information about teaching good books in general. This is good stuff. -Chris Crutcher

Why is Chris Crutcher a favorite of adolescents across the country as well as with critics and award panels? Because he talks honestly about issues that matter. Why should you teach him? Because those are the issues that matter most to students. Teaching the Selected Works of Chris Crutcher will get you started.
In Teaching the Selected Works of Chris Crutcher you'll see how four of Crutcher's novels draw students to literature and help them respond authentically. Teachers from rural, city, suburban, and technical schools share their approaches. They describe the materials and strategies they used to engage adolescents reading: Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Stotan! King of the Mild Frontier
Whale Talk. You'll find ways to help students discuss religious beliefs, ethics, abuse, relationships, and other issues Crutcher's characters face. And you'll see how his novels can help increase readers' motivation.
Use the edginess and honesty that adolescents love about Chris Crutcher to inspire your readers. Read Teaching the Selected Works of Chris Crutcher. You'll spark more meaningful discussions among students and show them that literature can change their lives.