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Increase the Peace: A Program for Ending School Violence

ISBN13: 9780325009520
ISBN: 032500952X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $27.5
Publisher: Heinemann
Published Date:
Pages: 128

Our kids are growing up in a violent world, and they are crying out to the adults in their lives for answers, choices, and hope. Increase the Peace is a powerful tool that shows - in both words and interactive video - how teachers can work with teenagers to create safer spaces, both inside schools and in our communities.
- Harvey Daniels, author of Subjects Matter
In the post-9/11, post-Columbine world, violence is an ongoing threat. The best way for students to make sense of violence, and to make strides in reversing its destructive course, is to face it head on. Increase the Peace is a DVD-based learning experience that presents a safe, manageable environment, where students can grapple with violent situations and consider ways to prevent them.

The Increase the Peace DVD contains a series of imaginative and innovative activities, sequenced to move middle and high school students from simple emotional reactions to more reasoned responses. Interwoven with student interviews and commentary by community leaders and professionals who have firsthand experience working with young people and violence prevention, the DVD's dynamic activities are provocative, challenging, engaging entrees into discussions about matters of life&-and-death importance that help students formulate thoughtful responses to threatening situations.

The book component of the Increase the Peace program provides context, rationale, and an easy - to - use framework for presenting well-structured lessons in English, history, health, and other classes. With the DVD and accompanying book, you'll be prepared to lead an exploration into school violence in which students discuss its threat, causes, and impact - as well as strategies for prevention. The program provides opportunities for students to record their feelings, perceptions, and misperceptions as they ask and answer the tough questions about violence.

It's time to turn the tide on violence in our schools. It's time to help students tackle the issues directly by extending them the opportunity and the tools to make schools and communities safer for everyone. It's time to Increase the Peace.