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The Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture (4 Volume Set)

ISBN13: 9780313308789
ISBN: 0313308780
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $479.95
Publisher: Greenwood
Published Date:
Edition 3rd
Pages: 2368

Serious study of popular culture is a fairly recent development, yet scholars in nearly all disciplines now engage with the material culture of the masses. The breadth and depth of coverage in this unique multivolume work make it the most useful reference of its kind currently available. Each essay-length chapter covers a single form, genre, or theme of popular culture, such as comic books, computers, fashion, film, magazines, best-selling books, radio, sports, or TV.

Readers and researchers will gain a solid foundation in each subject area, as well as comprehensive information for further research, guided by noted scholars from throughout the country.